Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Funny Tenny

Two classics:

Mac Smackdown
Suzy recently took Tennyson with her to the Mac store in Virginia to have some work done on our laptop. For those not yet baptized into the Mac world, Mac stores have two fairly universal qualities: (1) the front wall of the store is almost always made entirely of glass; (2) the help desk (known as the "Genius Bar") is almost always super busy. Well, the Genius Bar was busy, and it was taking a long time to get the work done on our laptop. Tennyson doesn't particularly enjoy waiting around, so he decided to bide his time by going crazy. At one point, Suzanne lost the choke hold she had been using to restrain our sweet little destroying angel, and he took off from the back of the store to get away from her. Suzanne ran after him, weaving through the throngs of Macvangelists, but Tennyson broke out of the pack and ran straight for the exit. Unfortunately, he's kind of new to the floor-to-ceiling glass thing -- he ran full speed into the glass wall at the front of the store and flew back several feet before landing on his back. Mac nerds attempted to hold back laughter. Suzanne comforted the boy who had narrowly escaped one of the most important lessons of any young bird's life. It's funny because he survived and shows no signs of cerebral malfunction. Just in case, though, we purchased a helmet for use anytime we allow him out of his padded cell.

Outbursts at Church
I was talking to some friends in church recently with Tennyson standing nearby. During a lull in the conversation, we heard a robust flatulant, and we all looked down to see the source of the impolite noise. My boy looked at us, and without missing a beat exclaimed, "A toot!" We all laughed, but I felt a bit bad at laughing at my son, who had a concerned look on his face. Believing our laughing at him was making him sad, I intended to comfort him, but soon found out the true source of his consternation when he exclaimed, "Here comes another!" I can only imagine that he learned that from one of his grandmas, because he certainly didn't learn that from us.

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Michelle said...

hilarious stories. I can just picture Tenny running full speed into the glass wall, and can totally see my own daughter behaving the same exact way in the store, which is why I can see the humor in it! Glad to hear he's ok, so then it's ok to laugh :). Ah, kids are able to put smile on our faces just by being them!