Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Paul - the BlindSkierDude

Paul, my really good friend from my days at the State Department, is completely blind. He's super smart, he loves sci-fi, and he's got a knack for all things technology. But his real hobby is skiing. He saves up all his vacation days throughout the year, and then takes a month+ ski trip to the Rocky Mountains each winter. During that month, Paul skis hard -- every day, all day. To avoid major obstacles (trees, rocks, cliffs) he listens to the sounds and commands from a guide who skis nearby (I got to guide him once at Deer Valley). He does the rest on his own. Oh, and he's really good.

Paul just returned from his 2009 ski trip, and sent me a link to some videos and pictures from his adventures. I thought some of you might be interested (and jealous) in seeing Paul in action, so here is the link to Paul's videos and pictures. Enjoy.

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