Monday, March 16, 2009

Bed & Shelves

Remember back when we had a mini crisis with Tennyson climbing out of his crib and using his new-found freedom to destroy our lives?  Well, we decided to take your unanimous advice and build him a bed.  At first it seemed illogical, but what do you know?  It worked!  We really owe you guys.

The little dude really liked working with daddy.  Here Tenny is building the frame for his new platform bed.

Taking a little snack break after sheathing the frame with some lovely birch.

Voila!  Tennyson shows off his new bed.

Tenny's new bed is designed to fit a twin mattress, but we're just using the mattress from his crib for now.  Most importantly, Tennyson has slept better in his new bed in the last month than he ever did before.  He loves it, and likes to talk about making it with daddy.  We love sleeping through the night.

We had so much fun, we decided to build some matching shelves/cupboards for all of Tenny's toys.

We got the idea for the design from Pottery Barn.  Here are the nearly completed shelves, which have since been overrun by toys.  Tennyson now has the nicest room/furniture in the house.


Hillary said...

When you're done there, can you come to my house and do the same thing?

Except I require a mattress just slightly larger than the one Tennyson is enjoying...

Nate and Kelly said...

I'd like to order one, too. What a clever idea! I miss you, Suzy. Hope you're doing well. :)

eileen said...

wow! when in the world did you get time to do all that!
it looks amazing.

Katie said...

holy toledo!!! that is a rockin' awesome bed! Good job Jer! Yeah, and when the heck DID you have time to do all that? We barely have time to fit in all of our shows.
ps - tenny is hugemungous. can I see him in utah suz? hmmm? we need to talk. like where will you be staying and can we hang out???
pps - remember when you were pregnant and sick and we fed you rotten milk....TWICE. Just thought you'd like to remember that.

Jason said...

Jeremy - I am seriously impressed with your woodworking skills. The bed and shelving look great, but I especially like the design of the bed. When we move to D.C. maybe you can give me some lessons. Do you have any other secret skills that I don't know about? If you do, is there anyway that they can be used for my benefit?

Anonymous said...

For reals I've seen some shelves like that on a fancy eco furni site that was like super pricey. So WHAT ARE YOU DOING AS A fancy lawyer? PLLEAZZZZ
just move her to SLC and start your own furniture business. The bed is perfect. But guys you could just go to ikea and buy furniture. when you do it this way its really fast and you can have meal to boot.

Daisy Chick said...

You guys are amazing. The bed and shelves are awesome. We totally had the same thing happen with Ethan. After falling out of his crib several times at about 12-15 months we finally went to a bed and what do you know he loved to sleep as long as it was in an area he could have the freedom to get out of. He just didn't like to be confind. I guess I can understand that. Hope you are well.

Michelle said...

That toy shelf is way nicer than the one I bought from Ikea! But isn't it nice to have shelves and cubes to put them all away in? Glad that you're getting more sleep now!