Thursday, November 20, 2008

Trash Truck

Tennyson's a pretty happy kid. But he's never quite as happy as he is on garbage day. The instant he recognizes the sound of the garbage truck making its way down our back alley he begins yelling "TRASH TRUUUUCK! TRASH TRUUUUCK!" and runs to the back door. So we take him out to the alley so that he can cheer on his garbage man friends. The garbage men love Tennyson--in a thankless job like that, who wouldn't love an adoring fan? I caught the action on film this morning.

Watching in amazement and dreaming of a bright future as a garbage man.

It takes serious skills to get a truck that big down our little alley.

Watching as the "trash truck" rides off into the sunset.

And on a slightly different note, it appears that Tennyson is indeed advanced for his age. He's not even two yet and he's already entering the "terrible twos" stage. Here Tennyson commences another small tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants. Even though it's kinda cute, we try not to encourage this particular development.


Anonymous said...

He is tooo GREAT! Ruby was always afraid of the truck and would run to her room for safety. I'm sorry about the tantrums. I understand. I have no energy for tantrums so now Ruby watches tv, is naked, drinks juice, does not eat food, and pees on the floor. It's easier for me and she's happier. I'll do better with Henry, right?love becca

Holly said...

I think it's in our genes to aspire to great things. When Denver was Tennyson's age, he wanted to be a janitor at Wal-mart. We actually have a really cute garbage truck toy that I wish I could give to Tenny now that I know of his love. Alas, it is packed deep in storage at some un-known facility in Utah.

Hillary said...

I just had to tell you Suzy that I love, love, love your red jacket in these photos!