Sunday, November 23, 2008

7 Movies worth watching

By the time we get to date night, we usually don't have enough energy to hold our heads up. Sometimes, though, we muster enough strength to put in a DVD and push play. We're usually really disappointed. Is it just us, or have most of the U.S.-produced movies from the last few years been totally lame? Anyway, in case you're like us, here is a list of seven movies (with links) that we have enjoyed in the last few years. Feel free to return the favor!

  1. La Misma Luna - Great story about a boy in Mexico trying to join his mom in the U.S. In Spanish with English subtitles. Great music. PG-13.
  2. The Band's Visit - Israeli film about an Egyptian military band traveling to Israel for a gig. English subtitles. You'll laugh, and then you'll cry. PG-13.
  3. Rabbit-Proof Fence - Australian film about racism, family, and humanity. Beautiful and moving. PG.
  4. Danny Deckchair - Australian film about a man who just needs to get away. Light, funny, and entertaining. PG-13.
  5. Waking Ned Devine - UK film about sticking it to the man -- or the lady, in this case. Strange, but hilarious. PG.
  6. The Visitor - Nice story about the impact others can have in our lives (oh, and about immigration). Good rhythm. PG-13.
  7. Murder on a Sunday Morning - Documentary (true story) about a boy who just wanted a Slurpee but ended up being victimized for years by the justice system. You'll hate cops. NR.


Katie said...

Thanks. I agree - not a lot of great movies lately. LOVED Danny Deckchair. (thanks to your suggestion) LIKED Rabbit Proof Fence, Waking Ned Divine and The Visitor. Haven't seen the other 3. You seem to like movies with an agenda. Or maybe that are educational, foreign and mean something? So, you might like The Diving Bell and the Butterfly or Persepolis. We've watched both recently and liked them. Also, if you want quality - old movies are great. The scripts are amazing. "They just don't make them like they used to." We just watched All About Eve and really enjoyed it. Also, Casablanca and A Streetcar Named Desire. I don't know if you've ever seen My Mother's Castle or My Father's Glory - but I'm pretty positive you would LOVE those. Yeah, those two are amazing ones and they are french. You've probably seen them but if you haven't - stop what you are doing and watch them RIGHT NOW. Ok, we miss you dudes. bye.

Anonymous said...

HELLO! you totally forgot
Made of honor
What happens in Vegas
Dont mess with Zohan
Classics. Come on. open your minds.
love becca

Hillary said...

Son of Rambow. A foreign film, and by foreign, I mean the UK. So although you may not think you need subtitles, the thick Scottish and British accents take some time adjusting to. A little slow moving at first and you are on the fence for a bit debating whether or not you like one of hte main characters but in the end, you'll cry. Even manly men wipe away the tears.

But even better than Son of Rambow is Millions. It too is from the UK and has the most adorable little boy as the lead. And this one won't make manly men cry.

Holly said...

Jason and I saw Rabbit Proof Fence before we moved and thought it was good. We are a bit limited on film selection currently. I wrote down your list and I'll see if our store has even one of them. It's been a long time since we saw a good show. Thanks for the tips.

Hillary said...

Oh, one more. Man on Wire. Blew my mind even though you know how it ends because it's a documentary and the guy is alive and telling the story. It has 100% rating on Rottentomatoes and is out December 9th.

And I don't think I cried. I held my breath the entire movie but I didn't cry.