Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Okay, we're a little slow on the Christmas greetings, but we've been so busy having fun that it took us a while to get to the Christmas cards and blog posts.  Better late than never.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

As for Ye Stewart Clan, 2013 was a wild ride.  Julie started walking, and then toddling, and then running, and now she's trying to master the scooter.  She's also the cutest, sweetest girl ever, and she's totally in love with her brothers.  Tait started preschool last Spring (before his third birthday) because he begged us to let him go to school.  He loved it, and he's back in preschool now.  He's finally moving away from the terrible twos, he's a big tease, and he loves playing and helping mommy and daddy with everything they do (except clean the house).  Tennyson just turned 7(!), but he thinks he's 13.  Tenny continues to study Chinese at school, and he loves riding his bike and scooter, building things, taking things apart, and playing video games.  Suzy and I are just hanging on for dear life.

As for resolutions, in 2013 we resolved to spend more time in Southern Utah.  We knocked that one out of the park.  In fact, we've made four wonderful trips to St. George in the last six weeks.

But honestly, we're exhausted.  So, in 2014, we resolve to do less.  No really, that's our New Year's resolution:  DO LESS.  Oh, and learn how to grill a really good steak.

Happy 2014 to all of our friends and family!


Hillary said...

I would like to get on the invite list for when you learn how to grill that steak.

Katie said...

love that family picture! So much! do less. I like it.