Friday, October 4, 2013

Recently Seen on Jer's Instagram Feed

St. George Temple, where Ye Stewart Clan began.

Sharing a cob at the Enterprise Cornfest.

Tenny started first grade and quickly found himself studying for his first test (which he aced).

Julie is perfect.

Happy birthday, mom.  You have beautiful children!

Ice cream sandwhiches for crazy kids.

Swinging at the family reunion in Cache Valley.


Tenny decided to add some graffiti to our fence, and we're hoping it doesn't say anything bad.

Before going to bed, Tenny was kind enough to remind me I was about to stay up all night reading these documents "just to keep being a lawyer."

Julie is dad's little helper in the gardnen.

U.S. Open Cup game between Real Salt Lake (0) and DC United (1).

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