Friday, August 23, 2013

Recently seen on Jer's Instagram feed

One  big happy family at our Bear Lake Reunion with Grandma Susan.  OK, Tait doesn't like taking pictures, but we really had the most wonderful time with the family at Bear Lake.  Thanks, Grandma Susan, for another amazing reunion!

Happening outside Jer's office.

The life of a neighborhood firework.

The guy who likes to drop by Jer's office.

Father's & Sons fun at the Back of the Moon Cabin.

Enjoying the Deer Valley summer concert series with the Utah Symphony and Arturo Sandoval.

M'lady tries lipstick.

 The new art installation along Jer's bike commute.

Tenny lost his second tooth.

Our kids LOVE corn on the cob, especially when it comes from the Enterprise garden that was grown by Grandma Julie and Uncle Jason.

Julie loves mornings.  It's in her blood.

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