Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On the way to Lake Powell

We decided to combine our love for a good journey, our annual trip to Lake Powell, and our celebration of Pioneer Day into a 1,000+ mile mini-van tour of the great state of Utah.  There's so much more Utah that we want to explore, but here are some of the fun things from this adventure.

Dinner at Cafe Diablo in Torrey, where dad forced everyone to eat rattlesnake (among other savory and delicious entrees).

A grueling etch-a-sketch match.

Exhausted children after long days of exploration and even longer nights in a single hotel room with our adorable but teething Julie Day.  We spent this particular night in Escalante, which, in our humble opinions, is on the verge of being a really great outdoor-adventure town, like Moab.

Muscle-man posing at every scenic overlook along the amazing Route 12.

Spectacular views that reminded us that the average view in Utah is better than the best view in most states.

Boulder, Utah--which, for a city of roughly 200 people, has a really cool art scene.

Pueblo exploration at the Anasazi State Park.

Tropic, Utah--a great little town where we were exploring some middle-of-nowhere dirt roads, got caught in a huge rainstorm, and just about got stuck in the muddy aftermath to be discovered by the vultures and then by the local news.

Orderville--which has a great history, and where we kinda fell in love with a 1904 Victorian pioneer home that would make a great summer home.

And, of course, Bryce Canyon National Park--which has great sentimental value for us because of Grandpa Ross's connection to the park.  This is where our kids finally lost it, broke down in hysterics in front of all the European and Asian tourists, and where we finally decided it was time to head to Lake Powell--which has beat out Disneyland for three decades straight as the happiest place on earth (in our books).

If we ever get unpacked and bring some semblance of order back to our lives, we'll try to post some pics from the Lake Powell leg of our trip.


Katie said...

torrey! cafe diablo! did you know my new niece- in-law is the pastry chef there? did you have dessert? so many cool pictures. I love your kids! they have their momma's passion and their dad's healthy disrespect of rules.

Katie said...
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