Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sick Doctor

We really loved Dr. Dickey, and he was one of the reasons we had a hard time leaving DC.  We entrusted our kids to his care for over five years.

 It appears that we were really poor judges of character.

Trust us, friends, you never want to see your kids' pediatrician in a courtroom sketch, particularly if he's being charged with crimes against children.  We know some children (not patients, hopefully) were harmed.  We feel grateful that our kids were not.  But we've still been reeling over this one since first learning about it last week.  Shocking.


MamaQ said...

He was our doctor too and we are so sad and disturbed by the entire thing. What a tragedy - a good life ruined by such a pernicious and evil thing.

hanner said...

that is seriously so horrible. so sorry to hear about that, especially considering your previous post about him!!

Anonymous said...
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