Friday, December 14, 2012

Tenny is six!

The best six years of his life correspond with the best six years of our lives.  We love you Tenny, and we're so glad you're part of our family.

Also, you're probably never going to remember this, but we had such a fun afternoon on the town this afternoon -- half a movie, lots of frozen yogurt, and an enormous amount of silly and laughing.  You're like the brother I never had, and my best buddy.


Robyn, James, Lauren, and Graham said...

Happy birthday Tenny! We miss you!

love, Robyn, James, Lauren, and Graham (your old neighbors!) and Mr. Pibb and Isabella (your old cat neighbors)

Stephanie said...

I have such a clear memory of being at playgroup at Meredith's when Tenny was a newborn. Suzanne kept kissing him and telling him how wonderful he was. I was in awe, seeing so much love. I can't believe it's been six years. I'm in Primary now and I wish Tenny were with us! (Well, ALL of you.) Happy birthday, Tenny!

love, Stephanie