Sunday, October 7, 2012

Julie Day - 37 Weeks

As taken by Tenny earlier this week.  And not to take the spotlight off Julie on her exciting 37-week anniversary, but Tenny has really taken an interest in making photographs lately and has made some great improvements.  We're going to start showcasing some of his shots from time to time.  He took the below shot of his cousins during our recent hike up Baker Pass.


Hillary said...

Ahem. You clearly state that Tenny was the photographer of the top photo, however, your name is in the bottom left hand corner. I believe you are trying to steal credit for your son's talent. I will advise him to retain legal counsel to protect his intellectual property and proceed accordingly.

Hillary said...

...or perhaps your name is just etched into your baseboard, Jeremy. If so, I offer my sincere apologies.