Thursday, May 17, 2012

The growing pet pressure

Before we got married, I made Suzanne promise me one thing:  we would never own a dog.  Well, the kids evidently don't believe they are bound by that contract and Tenny has especially been relentless in asking for a dog.  I seem to have won that battle (for now), but Tenny has shifted his tactics a bit.  This is an actual telephone conversation I had with Tennyson this week --

Dad:  Hello?

Tenny:  Hi dad, it's me.  I know you don't like dogs, but I'm a cat person.  You can't cuddle with a fish because they just swim around in their bowls all day.  And I need a pet that I can cuddle with.

Dad:  How about a chicken?

Tenny:  No dad, chickens don't have fuzzy fur.  I think a cat would be best because they are furry and you can cuddle them and you can run around with them and play chase.

Dad:  Can we talk about this tonight when I get home from work?

Tenny:  Yes.  And I know you don't like poop and fur, but some cats are very clean and they can do tricks and they're fun for kids and stuff.

Dad:  Did your mom tell you to say all this?

Tenny:  Yes.  I mean no.  I really want a cuddly pet and if you let me get a cat then mommy and I will go to the store and buy you an ice cream cone.

Dad:  That sounds like a decent deal, but can I think about it and then talk to you about it tonight when I get home from work?

Tenny:  OK, bye.

Dad:  I love you.  Bye.

Tenny:  I love you too, dad.  Bye.

As a lawyer, I couldn't be more proud of my son's persuasive abilities.  But don't let the superb nature of his arguments fool you - he's still as crazy as ever.

Also, that hat, which Tenny made at his pre-school, totally reminds me of the best sit-com ever:

"Maybe you're not smart either!  I didn't know until they told me."

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Hillary said...

Aunt Hillary is deathly allergic to cats. You can win the argument by saying you'd lose your babysitter if you became cat owners. That, or I can become an "outside friend" and refrain from coming in your house.