Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hudson River Rainbows

As I sat alone late at night at the end of a pier in Hoboken and gazed at the NYC skyline, I looked down and noticed the beautiful colored reflections streaking across the Hudson River toward me, and I then spent 30 minutes trying to capture it.  I made about 100 failed shots before I figured out how to expose this, and it still isn't perfect, but I'm happy that it at least gets close to showing how pretty NYC was on this particular night.

About a year ago we were eating dinner chez nous with Suzy's cousin Ryan and he spotted a rainbow cast on our wall by the light coming through a prism that hangs in our window.  Ryan told Tennyson that the rainbow meant that we lived in the "house of love," and every time since then that Tennyson has seen a rainbow he's excitedly labeled our location the house/car/park of love.  I'm sure if he had have been with me on that pier he would have labeled NYC the city of love.  And now we hope you've enjoyed this blog post of love.

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