Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Food Nanny

I knew that if I could just sit down and plan dinners ahead of time before I went grocery shopping that I would save money.  But I never really have.  Whenever I would try to do this it would just take way too long.  I would find myself sitting in frustration among a pile of recipe books trying to figure out what I already had in the fridge and cupboards.  It was annoying.  Do housewives really do this?  Gimme a break.  My time is worth so much more than this!  So I've just been showing up at the grocery store with a vague idea of 2 or 3 dinners that I wanted to make that week and would hope I remembered everything.  But sometimes I would forget something or think I had it at home and end up being wrong.  So it didn't really work.  And we would spend more money on food we didn't end up eating.  I've been doing it this way for, say....8 years?  Then this summer my sister introduced me to a new reality TV series called The Food Nanny on BYU television.  

The best part about The Food Nanny is that she has a website where you can make your own "Nanny Plan."  It is SO easy.  It takes 5 minutes to plan 2 weeks of meals.  And it makes your grocery list for you.  I love it.  You just click and drag meal themes onto the calendar and then pick the food that goes with the theme.  You can use your recipes or you can use The Food Nanny's.  This may sound dorky but it has changed our little family's life.  We are actually eating food now.  Real Food.  But the best part is that we are spending less.  And even though I am spending less we are eating more quality food because the money I am spending goes towards products I love, like yummy cheeses.  Thank you Food Nanny.  We love you so much!


Hillary said...

At my house, I usually coax my roommate into making us a grilled cheese sandwich at midnight if I provide the Dr. Pepper for our beverage.

In unrelated news, single people don't live as long as those who are married.

Anonymous said...

Hillary you are funny.
I do this. It works. The more you do it the faster it goes.