Monday, November 1, 2010


This is Suzanne blogging now.  I know Jeremy is the blogger and photographer extraordinaire but I have 2 entertaining cents to contribute.

I'd like to introduce my new obsession: "Playful Kiss."  It is a Korean TV show (with English subtitles) that will fill the empty void that Twilight left years ago.  I'd like to thank my friend Ro Ro Riot for introducing it to me.  You can watch it online on Hulu or on Viikii.  I really want to learn Korean now.  Call me crazy but I love this show!

I will now turn the time back to Jeremy for our regularly scheduled blogging.


Katie said...

so intriguing. i will watch it dutifully and have a review on your desk by mid next week. ps - come here for thanksgiving.

Ro Ro Riot said...

I was in China Town here in Vegas and they already have Playful Kiss (with Eng subtitles) on DVD. For $20! The whole series! Also, word on the streets is they're going to be doing a special episode or something in a few months. Watch for it.

Hillary said...

Was this the show you were comparing to my life? I will watch and take oogles of notes, then report back to you.


ashley said...

today i was in line at the cougareat and there was two kids behind me speaking japanese, and i thought of you and playful kiss. it made me interested again.. and i really wanted to ask them if they watch it, and if they'd translate for me. anyways. love you! ps i'd really like to see that picture of abby and i at the funeral if possible, i want it for my dorm :)