Friday, July 2, 2010

A boy's paradise

Tenny got his summer shear . . .

...and he's looking FABULOUS!

Do these binocs make my naked head look small?

Even more importantly, Tennyson really loves being in the West with his cousins. He went fishing on Panguitch Lake with Isaac, Ethan, and Uncle Jason (who taught him how to drive the boat).

Tenny caught his first fish.

Being crazy with Sammy.

Slugging it out with Lyndon and Henry.

Making trouble with Chloe.

Flying with Abby.

Oh, and he's started wearing a little makeup.

Summer is the BEST!


Hillary said...

That first photo is golden! You can see so many of your features in him, Suzy, as he starts to get older - both physical and personality-wise. What a lucky kid.

Thomas said...

Our little Jacob is waving his arms wildly now, much like Tennyson did at when he was less than one. Every time I look at the photos of Tenny, I think about (and hope that) Jacob might have that much joy in his life when he's older. Hope to see you guys soon.

Ro Ro Riot said...

These are great pictures! We miss sitting behind you in sacrament meeting and letting Tennyson entertain us.

captainhurst said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures. The one on Panguitch lake in Grandpa's Toy made me a bit emotional. It is nice to know that the Hurst family membership at Panguitch Lake is being maintained. We miss you guys and are glad you are making great memories.

Megan said...

oh my goodness, that first picture of his haircut is hilarious! And your little man is so so adorable!