Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lobbying Tennyson

After a grueling winter session, Tennyson is really enjoying his spring recess. Finally, a chance to spend time with his constituents and forego all the influence peddling. He did allow one exception: Grandma Julie and Grandpa Ross decided to spend the Easter weekend lobbying Tennyson in hopes that he would vote them in as "Grandparents of the Year." Tennyson's a good guy, but who wouldn't cave when offered to be wined and dined by their grandparents for a weekend?

And Grandma Julie and Grandpa Ross were really pushing hard for his vote:

They took him to Mount Vernon and made sure he got to see the sheep.

They took him to the Cherry Blossom Festival, and then let him get out of timeout a bit early after he ran away from mommy and got lost in the throngs of festival-goers for 20 minutes.

They even took him to an Easter egg hunt at the Arboretum.

And just look at the abuse Grandma Julie took after working so hard to build a Lego tower just right for Tennyson:

Destruction from Jeremy Stewart on Vimeo.

Tennyson certainly knows that Grandma Julie and Grandpa Ross love him and that he's their favorite grandchild. But in the end, he's not so easily persuaded. Indeed, he has decided to withhold his final decision for "Grandparents of the Year" until after he has had a chance to open all his birthday and Christmas presents.

(Thanks for coming mom and dad! We loved having you here with us!)

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Hillary said...

So glad your folks had the chance to visit. I always loved going to your house. Julie is the sweetest.