Sunday, September 13, 2009

First stop: Pax Cabina

We spent the first half of our Washington vacation staying in this little cabin by Silver Lake, just north of Maple Falls, Washington.

It gets its own blog post because it was so dreamy. On top of being a really nice, fun cabin, it was really secluded and perfectly peaceful. In fact, it was so quiet the first night it was spooky -- no sirens, no car alarms, no screaming drunks . . . something had to be wrong. We got over that pretty quickly. It was perfect, really. Here are some of the views from our windows:

Well, you get the picture. Tennyson loved it here because he could run around like a crazy person and get dirty and explore and be a boy. Here is a clean Mr. T before he headed out for another adventure in "the wilderness," as he called it.

At night, after our hikes, we would put Tennyson to bed and then go outside and sit in the hot tub and look up at the thousands of stars and wonder if life is too short not to live in that cabin. We're still wondering. We now know, though, that peace does exist, and you can rent it for a nominal nightly fee.


Jay & Pat said...

The Pacific Northwest is a truly beautiful place especially the areas on your itinerary. We can't wait to see more pics.

I'll be longing to be up their tomorrow when I am looking at Mt. Baker, but looking at it from a conference room.

Holly said...

What a cool cabin! I'm glad you guys got to go have such a fun trip. Right now I'm longing for some cool, crisp mountain air. I can't wait to see more pics of your trip. I will enjoy the mountians vicariously through you!