Monday, August 3, 2009

We (heart) NYC

Tennyson took several bites out of the Big Apple this weekend. We had a great time with Grandpa Stewart and Pat.

Times Square

Two of a kind

Lady Liberty

Lady Hot Stuff

Central Park Carousel

Tin Pan in Central Park

Grand Central Station (aka, Where are Gpa and Tenny)


Ahhh, summer


Hillary said...

Suz, your R&R photo looks like it is straight out of Vogue.

Jay & Pat said...

Jer, I swwear if you don't make it as an attorney you would do well with photography. Great pictures! My blog (when I get it posted) will pale in comparison.

Amber Shakespeare said...

Hi Suzanne
This is Amber and Connor Shakespeare your blog is so cute and your trip to New York looked like alot of fun, sorry I never got my blog info to you it is we just had our baby on July 1st his name is Axton my blog is not quite up-dated yet but there is a picture of him on there. Hope all is well talk with you soon.

Katie said...

Such a cool post. I love those photos. And you ain't kidding - that Sue is a major hotty. I can't believe you went to NYC without us when you know how much we love it. That's just spiteful. We really like you guys though. Oh and thanks for the b-day message!