Wednesday, July 15, 2009

La Belgique

Another belated post, this time relating to a last-minute business trip I took to Brussels for a week in June. Though I'm not happy the European Commission is investigating my client, I was delighted to eat delicious pastries, cheese, chocolate and fries for a week.

I got to see Brussels for a total of 2 hours -- the two hours after arriving in which I walked around the city to keep myself awake in a futile effort to beat the effects of jet lag.

This is "La Grande Place," the main square in Brussels.

Ahhhh, French food.

This is an office building in downtown Brussels. I've never been anywhere in the U.S. where something like this would be conceivable. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is an example of Europe's unique brand of crazy.

I spent 20 hours each day for the rest of the week here, in our Brussels office.

As a kid, I never believed my dad when he returned from business trips and said it was "all work, no fun." I'm now a believer, with the qualification that there are some culinary perks.

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Jay & Pat said...

Those culinary perks and sitting a lot can really catch up with the mid-section as one gets older. Thus my quest to exercise a lot more starting 10 years ago. Dad