Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Round, Round, Get Around

Busy times. First, we went around the entire city trying to get the perfect photo for our Christmas card. Having a two-year-old in the picture didn't make that any easier. Here are some of the, some shots of the good times. (If you don't get a card, we probably don't have your address....feel free to help us out by leaving it in the comments!)

I was working up in NYC again last week. Here's one of the lovely views from my hotel window (for all you SOHO fans).

Then Grandpa Stewart came to visit his favorite child and grandchild (Killing two birds with one stone...Thanks for coming dad!). Here's the ol' man in the brand-spankin'-new Capitol Visitors Center.

As to the visitors center, I generally agree with this review. It's very strange that the addition does not architecturally or aesthetically match the capitol at all (also true for the plaza outside, as seen in the below photo). We did, however, enjoy the museum sections that displayed some very interesting congressional history.

We spent a total of 2.1 seconds at the National Christmas Tree (below)--it was too cold so we went home to enjoy our artificial tree (thanks for the tree Katie & Joey--it's pretty). We hope your Christmas season is going splendidly (and that you're not procrastinating buying our presents).


Anne said...

you can send us a card if you want, or just an email... but if you like the mailing thing, it is PSC 98 Box 5, APO, AE 09830. Happy Birthday to Tennyson on Sunday!

Katie said...

You're welcome for the tree ma dears. We happened to get a tree left by the owners of the house.
I didn't realize that moving would be so unstewarty. And I miss being stewarty. I liked it. I miss you guys so much. Remember that Christmas that we sang 4 part harmony hymns and went caroling around thanksgiving time. anyway, we sure love you and we're sending a card your way sometime soon.